Words and music by yours truly, produced with George Landress.  The beautiful cityscape pictures are not from my camera


Another morning rush in the cage of steel
I keep my coffee close as I hold the wheel
My longtime friend is the radio
I like a love song scenario
I dream of driving a real freeway
Where changing lanes isn’t work but play

New York at night

Today’s the day I start to climb
I’ll find my way above skyline


I found the girl I love without trying
All the signs were green and inviting
The message flew from your eyes to me
The feelings grew with intensity
The streets where we learned to hold within
We can now express our own scene – fade in

Today’s the day we start to climb
We’ll find our way above skyline


Trapped in ruts like traffic
Smothers out the magic
Talking, laughing, touching, teasing
Healing, growing, sussing, pleasing

Today’s the day we start to climb
We’ll find our way above skyline
The strength we feel when we combine
The warmth received from the sunshine
When we find our way above skyline








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