The Modular at rest.
The Modular at rest.

Four early studies in a series of  1 or 2 track improvisations (Electronic compositions) utilizing parts of the current modular synthesizer:

This first two rely upon a fully expanded Turing Machine for pitch selection.  It derives it’s trigger pattern from a K4815, and the Turing is being quantized through a uScale whose A out goes to (Rubicon and an AFG) >Modcan multimode while the B out goes to – Cyclebox>e560>DFM2.

Improvisation #1

The additional track is a DSI Pro 2 played in real time.

Improvisation #2

Envelopes are Quad Env and the tempo is under constant modulation by two LFOs from the Quad LFO, #2/sine modulating #1/pulse, and me wiggling #2’s vc amount and speed.

The third clip substitutes stored random voltage from the Doepfer A149-1 for the Turing.  Modification to the sound sources and wiggling of the manual distribution of the 149 along with wiggling of the Quad LFO.


Improvisation #3

The short forth clip includes mods to the envelope components, especially during slower passages, and wiggling of the very short delay times in the Modcan Dual Delay.  This time drawing upon the Quantized random voltages of the A149, both N+1 and N² outputs being used, their vc being switch to and fro by a slow random square wave from the Vulcan Modulator.  The tempo this time has no human input save the settings on the Quad LFO which still drive the piece.

Improvisation #4

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