Light the Lamp
An original piano work by William Belote
From the “Cosmic Chants” of Paramahansa Yogananda
Words included to convey the spirit of the piece.

In my house with Thine own hands
Light the lamp of Thy love.
Thy transmuting lamp entrancing
Wondrous are its rays
Change my darkness to Thy light
And my evil into good
Touch me but once and I will change
All my clay to Thy gold
All the sense lamps that I did light
Sooted into worries.
Sitting at the door of my soul
Light Thy resurrecting lamp.

7 Replies to “1st of Four New Piano Pieces”

  1. Transformed into a relaxed state instantly upon hearing this. William has such a way of relaying gentleness and feeling through his music. Quite lovely.

  2. Sublime …. Thank you Bill, for a blissful new experience with this beloved chant.


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