The Problem:

Wealth inequality is killing us.  Most of us know it is unnaturally distorted.  It never should have been allowed to occur to the degree we have.  We can change the tax code, but that happens all the time, going in one direction then the next.  It’s really complicated – by design.   The super rich may feel cheated by a wealth cap. I’m sorry, but it’s OK. The injustices done everyday to the world’s poor, working poor, and middle class are just far more egregious and in need of attention.  And let’s not forget the animal kingdom.  We are threatened by mass extinctions and environmental catastrophe.  We can’t afford to tinker with the system.  It will require a new perspective.  A wealth cap should be part of the answer.

The Plan:

No person may accumulate more than an agreed upon amount of money. I suggest one billion dollars of total wealth be the limit one person may have. Maybe half a billion.  Our system has been mangled to such a degree that we reward the often deadbeat heirs of the wealthy more than our essential workers.  Those fortunate individuals in possession of more that a billion dollars must contribute the excess money to any of a variety of needed and worthy projects. Environmental health, human health care, education and poverty alleviation would comprise the majority if not the entirety of approved projects. It is immoral in the extreme to continue with societal rules that further a wealth inequality that staggers the imagination. The rules were written by men. Men and women can write new rules. A glide path of some years may be offered to our super rich partners in planetary healing.  This will help with the shock of feeling as if they are losing money honestly earned. 

The Purpose:

Those who are billionaires should be acknowledged as the big winners of the game. Statues may be carved of them, and congratulations offered, but they can’t keep all of that money. Again, It never should have been allowed to happen. Not on a dying planet with human needs way beyond our current capacity to cope.  The wealth cap allows the rich to remain very, very rich.  And, it will, simply put, help us to save the earth, lift up the poorest half of humanity, and heal the biosphere with all the living creatures in it.  Additionally, to lesson the gap between the most and the least wealthy, social stability and general happiness will be greatly enhanced.

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