I offer two works with perspectives on the current and tragic events in the Middle East. I’m taking sides. I side with the peacemakers, the children and their caregivers, the life savers, and those generous enough in spirit to make space for all people to have a safe home.

The Jews have a word – Zionism – which simply means the establishment and protection of a homeland. In the immediate aftermath of World War II, it led to the birth of modern Israel. The spirit expressed as Zionism is one that any dispossessed and downtrodden people such as the Palestinians can appreciate.

Let’s apply just a bit of critical thinking. One can be vehemently opposed to the government of Israel and Hamas while loving the Jewish and Palestinian people. I’m often at odds with my government, but I still love America.

This song video is my take on Albert Einstein’s love and support for a Jewish homeland. The painting (a rough draft) depicts how Israel has lost their way, bombing Gaza with significant disregard for innocent life. Self defense is noble and necessary. Carpet bombing is not. The Hebrew inscription at the top: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

I wish for all to remember the example of Gandhi, who moved the British Empire without a single violent act.

Rough draft of Gaza bombing.

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