Enter: 34°26’54.67″ N 119°20’18.07″ W    into Google Earth.  Above Ojai valley in California, the Spring rains made the creeks revive with rushing water and singing frogs while the blossoms were full and vivid.  These gardens, maintained by the folks who own the local ‘Green and Blue Iguana’ hotels, are filled with exotic plants.  These pictures give but the merest hint of the quiet presence that pervades these gardens.  I wonder if the absence of other people had something to do with it.

Listen to this excerpt while looking at the pictures.

“I Will Always Love You” composed by William Belote

Radio Willstar Music ASCAP
copyright 2009 all rights reserved
From a “still on the shelf” film score.  Classical guitar by Scott Tennant

Ojai gardens

two bright flowers

Ojai Lizard

Big hungry bee

Ojai back light

Pond reflections 2, Ojai, CA

pond image, Ojai, CA

pond image

Ojai creek

Lost in the trees

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