My New Years offering. Here is a song expressing my thanks for personal love in my life, with a touch of magical romanticism. It continues with admiration for the everyday hero’s and good souls all around us who uphold civilization, some philosophical perspective on being an earthling in our time, a prayer for strength and comfort, and even a bit of political smack talk. Whew! That’s way too much for a really good song, but here it is.

The Mother and Father of the chorus should be heard as coming from within a Hindu context. At our best, there is an intuitive, nurturing aspect to ourselves and a wisdom guided rational mind. This prayer is to summon these positive forces both from within and without as we evolve into beings who are balanced in our capacity to respond and express in feminine or masculine ways depending upon the context.

“Loving demands” is meant two different ways. First, as individuals who ‘talk to ourselves’, it is helpful to make requests or demands of ourselves (not to mention of others) that are gentle and compassionate, as well as being clear and strong. Second, to be a loving person demands certain behavior. Namely, to be aware and ready to offer aid to those struggling and suffering. Loving demands honesty, patience, and caring thoughts and actions.

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