Tell the friends and family – I am endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States. We have a large field of gifted public servants running this year. I believe she stands out as most ready to lead the nation in the direction that our future demands and history will reward. Simply put, regarding the economy and the American system of governance, Elizabeth Warren knows her stuff. She has lived it, studied it, taught it, and used it, as when she spearheaded the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Most importantly, she values the citizen over the corporation.

This is not a Game

We humans may be the only self-aware species in the universe, yet we imperil our continued existence. Our careless disregard for the environment and our allowance of greed to channel the distribution of wealth must end. The use of ‘fear of the other’ to color national policy, and the devaluation of science and expertise are symptoms of a national sickness. However, we can and must heal ourselves. Our nation will benefit by returning to a fact based foundation for political discussion. Senator Warren takes a scientific approach to problem solving. As citizens, we need to insist on journalism and news sources that are reputable and accountable. Everyone has opinions, but let’s have the courage to face facts.

Wealth is not Wisdom

One of Warren’s ideas is to institute a ‘wealth tax’ on giant personal wealth. The full implementation of such a tax would materially help the nation a great deal while imposing no meaningful hardship on the super rich. Let’s be serious. How annoying and sad to hear some of the most wealthy Americans whine and moan about not being able to hoard ever more money. It is so out of touch as to be pathetic. It speaks to a deep sickness that needs to be addressed with understanding and perhaps counseling. However, allowing the irrational fears of some super rich people to steer the country’s direction is like putting the decision making power for a family in the hands of a two year old. It’s neither wise or sustainable.

People before Profits

Elizabeth Warren has always stood up to the ‘wealth wackos’. These are the delusional Bank CEOs, Oil and Gas companies, Wall Street vultures and others who would enrich themselves beyond imagining while not giving a thought to the impact on all of the rest of us. Our system has become corrupted to the point of serious unfairness. From wealth distribution to college entrance and affordability, we are damaging ourselves with rules rigged for the few over the many. Warren is forcefully speaking out for a fair deal. Modern business leaders and tech entrepreneurs are to be congratulated and rewarded. But, one persons good idea should not be able to smother new ideas because of monopoly powers. In our country, true power still rests with the people, but that constitutionally inscribed value is not impervious to humanities worst impulses. We must consciously and continually defend the people’s power.

We’re All in it Together

The Democrats historically large and dedicated field of candidates is an inspiring group of people. For them, and for all citizens, there are opportunities aplenty to contribute energy, creativity, and support for the positive new solutions we need. The great influx of women and minorities into the halls of power is a long overdue recognition of the real America. Let us remember our national motto: E pluribus unum – out of many, one. Our diversity is our greatest strength. Warren and the Democrats know this. Only fear, ignorance, and a desperate grasping has allowed the tunnel vision of certain straight white men to perpetuate a deeply flawed power dynamic. This straight white man knows that my future and our collective destiny is best served by a level playing field. We all thrive when there is equal opportunity access to knowledge and equal justice under the law.

Shake things up with Smarts

Many Trump voters said they wanted to shake things up. Great idea! We need that, but how about this time we shake things up with someone who actually knows government and knows how to make it work. Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate to articulate and implement the structural tuneup our country needs. President Warren will stand up to the criminals and thugs around the world, not coddle them. President Warren will re-engage with our many friends to steer the world economy towards greater prosperity and a fair deal for all. She has shown the courage to call out and stop the abusers of our system and the abusers of the natural world. With President Warren and a rejuvenated Congress, we can right our listing ship of state. We can save our planet, (that’s no exaggeration). We can herald an evolution in values and government that will bring greater prosperity, health, justice, and equality to all people.

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    1. Probably like me, you would agree that just about any sentient being is preferable to the hot mess we have now. However, E. Warren does seem uniquely capable. Thanks Mike

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