An EP of songs written with dear friend and producer/musician extrodinaire, George Landress. He’s been involved with all of my best work and I cherish the opportunity to work with him.

Soul In My Pocket



2 Replies to “Soul In My Pocket”

  1. Hey there! I just caught your song from that LA Bushwick club, and was so utterly captivated. The lyrics, from the jump, were so dynamite as well.
    “Mom was a void, I didn’t have a prayer”. Love it.
    Just had to reach out, and give praise where praise was due.
    All the best, Jeffrey

    1. Jeff – Thank you! I’m such spacehead, I didn’t see this until a day or so ago. BTW – There is another show Sunday the 21st at 5PM. Same channel you saw it on last time. I appreciate your kind words. Best wishes to you! Bill

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